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Are you sick of fad diets, yo-yo effect and constantly trying but never getting the results you want?
My clients progress gradually and surely to a healthier lifestyle and see lasting results. 

Have a look at the options bellow to decide which one would suit you better.

Personal training in Edinburgh

Let's hit the gym together! For me it's important that every client enjoys being in the gym and feels confident there no matter what. With me you will follow personalized training plan focused on your goal and will work to eliminate any weaknesses.

You will receive personalized nutritional advice. I believe that educating my clients about healthy nutrition is key because it's something that will help them stay healthy long after we stop training together. 


You can check the prices for different subscriptions here.

Personal training with a friend

If you want to train with your friend and opt for a lower price subscription for personal training you might consider signing up for semi-private personal training. Your friend and you must have similar fitness goal in order to sign up together.


You can check the prices for different subscriptions here.

Online personal training

I know these days people lead busy lives and if you are one of them you might prefer online training. No problem! I offer two types of online training: Live and Solo.

With live training we will do our sessions via Skype or Zoom at a time you prefer and from the comfort of your home.

With solo training you will receive your weekly training plan every Saturday and you can do the workouts whenever and wherever you want. You can book a 30 minutes Skype or Zoom call once a week at a time you prefer so that we can review your progress.

You can check the prices for online personal training here.

Exercise plan

There is an option for purchasing a one time exercise plan. This will best suit ladies who are more advanced into their gym training and just want an extra push before a holiday or an important event or those who don't want weekly monitoring and support. 

You can check the prices for different exercise plans here.

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